‘How can you master an art, when life itself is art ?!’ Life will always throw unexpected things at you. You get overwhelmed, scared or helpless sometimes. Mastering just means let it happen. Create a safe space to let your emotions run wild without suppressing them, stay positive and guard your energy. Master the art of awareness and let go !


Mastering the art of layering means listen to your artistic creative voice. Materialise it. Start picking out pieces that make your kids feel joyful & strengthened. Think about keeping them warm and safe. Look for pieces that can reflect and enhance their personality. Choose colours that light up their face. Watch their mimicry when presenting another layer to their outfit. Tap into your creativity and become a team of artists together discovering your kid’s unique style.


Layering & styling a new outfit is like starting a fresh painting. The artist first buys a canvas as solid base, some good quality brushes he can rely on, materials he likes working with and colours who appeal to him. He looks for a space he loves creating and feels comfortable in. He gets geared up, gets inspired.

Same goes for starting to create & layer a great outfit. You pick a brand you love and can rely on for quality and service. You start with the base, picking out trousers, a skirt or a dress. You get them perfectly fitted. That’s your starting point, your canvas.


The rest is up to the artist ! A great artist doesn’t follow conventions or rules. He follows his heart and his own inner flow. He lets his creativity bubble up and run free.

Start looking for layers to create uniqueness, personality and style. Discover fabrics, grasp colours, explore fits. Play with different textures and materials, layer ‘outside of the box’ to create a complete overall look. Take your kids on an artistic adventure.

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