Kids parties are the best ! Spring festivals or First Communions, birthdays, graduations, school performances, family dinners with a special announcement,... you name it. It's the perfect time to make and collect memories with your kids and to dress up all the way !


Spring is coming ! It's the end of the cold and dark winter days. It's time to throw that special party and celebrate ! But then comes the inevitable flood of questions…
Where will we have the party, do we invite our crazy auntie ? Can we hold it outside ? What if it rains ? Where can we get a special outfit for the kids ? Should we get a DJ ? Dinner or just snacks ? What time should we start ?


We can’t answer them all, but we can answer the most important one; What will my kids wear ?

At your kid's party, everyone will be there to see and congratulate them, and you'll be taking lots of pictures to capture new memories. So you want your kids to look their best ! A party outfit is still a big deal. It needs to be fashionable and on trend, comfortable to play in, yet chic to steal the show, we like it to be pass-through and fit perfectly.


Our designers at AO76 have designed some great pieces that are both fashion-chic and easy-to-wear. So dive in and discover our party pieces on the webshop or in our flagship stores.


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