As a well-established Belgian brand, we have 5 authentically styled flagship stores in Flanders. Last summer we took our kids to the historic city of Ghent, where our story began. This season we explored another great shop-located city: Antwerp !


City centres are a great place for skating teenage kids to meet and have fun. They often have a very inspiring atmosphere and there's always something to discover, like graffiti corners, authentic terraces, old staircases, forgotten alleys, … We followed our little skaters around the city of Antwerp and watched them explore, chill and hang out, skate and shop together.

AO76 Skating in Antwerp

Like in a city, there's always something authentic & unique to discover in an AO76 collection. A special embroidery, a playful colourful detail, a super-soft fabric, a print by a famous artist, an artwork inspired by a personal story, an unusual knit... Our collection is full of cool surprises !


Our kids loved hanging out in the ‘Vlaaikensgang’. It’s a 16th-century alley in the centre of Antwerp, named after a flan and waffle house. Along its cobbled paths there are 11 authentic back houses, mainly made of brick and sandstone, which give this alley its authentic historical look.

Vlaaikensgang Antwerpen

Naturally, we had to go and check it out, as one of our flagship stores is located nearby. Our kids loved this part of the authentic centre for its special atmosphere, just as they love the authenticity of our brand for its uniqueness. 

Vlaaikensgang Antwerpen


While skateboarding around town & exploring little city corners our teens want to look cool and trendy, but more importantly they want comfy clothes to move in. Because the right, comfortable, well-fitting clothes have the power to free the mind and relax the body to explore and be yourself.

Skaters at Antwerp

AO76 is a playful, adventurous brand with a special twist so we managed to dress our teens perfectly for the occasion. Think baggy pants, unique artistic artwork, warm knits and tough lumber jackets.


It was interesting to see that our kids mainly stopped at places where art and creativity ran free, which perfectly fitted our creative winter collection. You could feel their energy rising, their playfulness bubbling up, their own creativity sprouting in such places !

Our stylists love letting their creativity and love for art run free as well. So if you like to think outside the box and dare to mix and match different fabrics and prints together, AO76 is definitely your brand to shop !  We are famous for our edgy combinations and personalised characteristic styling.

Weekend in Antwerp

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