10 things to do this Easter !


We’re all about creating or experiencing new things. And spring is the perfect time for that ! But we like it simple and playful, close to nature and close to each other. So we came together with our AO76 family and listed up our favourite ‘Things to do in Vacay time’. Get inspired and go for it !


It’s not only a cool and kind act for our planet #bekindact, but a great way to spend some time together in nature. Brainstorming about which favourite veggies or fruits to plant, physically making room in the garden and getting the soil ready, buying some seeds or plants from the store... Lots of little tasks to be divided and to be done. Rooting in the earth and having a little family project will bring everyone together and create some happiness.


A fun way to spend time together as a family is to cook together. Molding, blending, cutting and creating things with your hands, is something kids love to do! Remember the mud pies they used to make ?! And why not try some other spices and ingredients and cook something you never made before. Something Indian or Thais perhaps ? Plus you’ll all get to taste new things, which will definitely lead to hilarious situations and faces! A cosy together-made family diner is the perfect moment to end the day !


Nothing kids love more than sleeping all together. To give it an extra dimension you could set up camp in your backyard and create a cosy chill out place outside, like you’re going camping for real. Cook on a little gas fire and watch the stars together. It’s raining? No problem ! Set up camp in your living room ! Get as many planchets and pillows as you possibly can and make one big nest in front of the TV. Good night !


Easter is breeding season ! So let’s get creative while helping out the breeding birds. Get some little wooden bird houses or even better; make them yourself! The design is simple, even the kids can glue them together ! Start decorating. Let your kids' imagination run wild and create the coolest and most original nesting places. Think outside the box ! Hang them up in your garden, on your terrace or at a friend's place. Get your spyglasses ready to check out if your little houses attract breeding birds. A fun after moment, which will keep your kinds interested and busy.


Let’s look at the world from a cat’s view. Explore your neighbourhood at night and take a walk around the block. Take some flashlights and dress up warmly ! Sneak around, even make it a little game of being a burglar who doesn't want to get caught. While walking home, stop by your neighbour's house and invite them over for an ‘after walk drink’. Extra fun to make a bonfire in the garden and get some marshmallows to melt ! Mmmm the perfect treat after a sporty activity. Maybe someone knows a good stories to tell around the fire ?


Let’s explore the rivers ! It’s always fun to see the world from another perspective, like from the water. Plus it’s a cool and fast way to explore a new city or landscape. There are so many different options to do so ! Rent some canoes and have a little competition to reach the next dock, get a little boat and spent the whole day just chilling on board. Or make it a bit more active and go for some water bikes or try paddle boarding. A great activity for the whole family !


Throw a little party ! In vacay time it’s always nice to have people over to play with the kids or to have a drink. It doesn’t always have to be a special occasion. And why not invite people you’ve never met before to keep it exciting and interesting ? First you get creative making colourful invites by hand. Then you take your bikes and just randomly put them in some mailboxes in your neighbourhood. A great playful way to get to know new people. The kids will love it! Let’s make some jummy snacks together and some fruit lemonades. And then you wait for the party to begin !


Kids often get tired of their parlor games. So why not pimp up their favourite one with self made pawns or a new colourful playboard ? Or get super creative and make your own twister game together ! That one can definitely use a colourful and playful make over ! ‘Right knie on the strawberry’ or’ left ear on the black ants’. Make it as crazy as you possible can and start playing. It will be hilariously funny !


A great thing to do with kids is to create a ‘cut and paste’ collage. Like to know how your kids want to spend the next family summer holiday, what their favourite dishes are or what they dream of for the future ? This is the best way to find out ! Get some old magazines out of the garage or in a second-hand shop, buy some extra scissors and glue and you’re good to go ! Guaranteed it’ll keep them busy for a while. Afterwords every family member can describe their mood board, and you can all start making plans for a next meal or trip together !


Kids grow up fast. It’s a super cliché phrase, but so true ! So what about their clothes ? They need to be sorted out every now and then, and their wardrobes renewed each season. Let’s make it a fun activity to do ! Have a fashion show with your kids. Let them make their own outfits and in the meanwhile you can see what they still need and what’s too small.  Only keep the things your love to see your kids in, and where they feel good in ! All the rest, you donate for a good cause or sell second hand.

Can they use some new quality pieces ? Come to one of our shops and get launched for the summer ! Our sales managers will be happy to help make new outfits together !

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