Winter is coming! Explore our new collection

We're still in the midst of the hottest season of the year. Honestly we're kind of melting while writing this blog, but it won't be long before the cold starts taking over and we find ourselves grabbing for the nearest scarf.

Winter is coming, whether we like it or not, and that's why we love to make it fun ! Enough with the dull outfits that make your little one feel colder than the weather already does. For our new winter 2022 collection, we'll be wrapping your youngsters in the most cozy and fashionable looks, which will totally boost their confidence. Expect them to feel amazing about themselves in W'22, and to steal the show once again !


Each year we have a theme that inspires the prints, styles, shapes and colors of the collection. This year's theme is Peru. Its breathtaking Rainbow Mountain (a.k.a. the Vinicuna) is one of the key elements that inspired the colors of this extraordinary collection.

The mountain's different tones of ochre, brown, red and turquoise left us with 3 different color themes. These themes also determine how the collection will be displayed in the shops.

Our first color theme represents the city Machu Picchu by day and by dusk. Fluo green is one of the highlighting colors in this collection. It stands for the vivid green fields and the fresh grass, getting lit by the sun.

The second color theme has different shades of red, such as washed pink, combined with denim blue and turquoise. We found these charming tones and combinations in the traditional rugs and fabrics of Peru, so we wanted to share them with you in this collection. 

The third and last color theme, represents the countryside of Peru. Beautiful browns, cinnamon and sand, mixed with golden colors as our marigold. 

As for this winter's graphics, you'll find elements like mountains, llamas and ethnic geometrical patterns and stripes. Of course in combination with our classic AO76 themes that you all love so much, such as skating, skiing, wild animals, cool texts, sporty details and color blocks. 

Get an exclusive look at our new winter '22 collection, now live and in store !
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