The Pants Edit: Fitted, Relaxed or Loose ?

Pants are an important base for every great outfit. They have to fit comfortably and stylish at the same time. So aks yourself this question: Does your kid like to wear their pants nicely FITTED, a bit more RELAXED or rather LOOSE ? Let us walk you through our different fits so that you can easily find your kids style & comfort level. 


AO76 kids who like their pants FITTED, love to dress up nicely and party !  So especially for them, we got some classic fitted models who sit beautifully at the back, fall straight down and have full lenght trouser legs. Casual chique when rolled up and are great when combined with shirts and classic pieces.


AO76 kids who love their pants to be RELAXED, are playful and active. They are the adventures type who still like to look good and neat, but find practicality very important. They like to be comfy in their pants, while moving and exploring. So their pants sit nicely loose on top and narrow down towards the ankles. Very handy when in motion !


And then you have our wild kids who like to be fashionable in a nonchalant kind of way. They love their pants to be LOOSE !  They're cool and sporty kids that love to skate and dance on hiphop beats, but also hang out with friends or just chill on the couch. They love their pants to sit loose and wide, and sometimes even all the way down. This one is a very airy and trendy piece for the cool kids.


Oversized and rolled up at the bottom or classic & timeless ? Baggy relaxed or nicely joined ? Do they want an elastic waistband, strings or a button ? Fancy a light fabric or a thick one ? Must it have lots of pockets or rather none ? And what about the colour ?

At AO76 we have plenty of choice, so you‘ll definitely find the perfect pants to match your kid’s wishes. Go to and have your pick or visit one of our flagshipstores to try them all out.

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