Introducing Winter '23


"We create art for kids, so they feel comfortable enough to create art for themselves."

We watch them play and go through life exploring and being amazed by all that is beautiful. We observe them undertaking new adventures, creating new memories and expressing their thoughts and feelings, as they go along. That way, life becomes art.

We created this new fall / winter collection inspired by their actions, their expressions, their playfulness and sense of togetherness. Inspired by the meaning of art, by the great Bauhaus & legendary artists like Piet Mondriaan, by our own wishes and desires. Explore our newest girls creations and boys creations !


Step inside the artist studio with them and watch our collection pieces carry and support their creative process. Observe them transforming into little artists, see how their outfits come to life, pushing them to let the artist out.

An artist needs to feel free to move, to explore, to unwind. Our new collection gives them that freedom. We have different styles and fits, so every artist can dress to his or her own personality, mood or style.


The artist studio is a sanctuary. It’s a place where the artist can be their true self, free to express whatever comes up. It’s a safe spot that protects the artist in their splurges, frames their emotions and strengthens their capabilities.

A piece of good clothing has the same function. It protects you, lets you express yourself through it, enforces your actions.


This artist collection is a compilation of positivity, fun, freedom, alignment and courage. Our artwork consists of power animals like bears and tigers, tough sports like skating and mountain biking, positive courageous slogans like ‘follow your dreams’ and ‘I wanna hold your hand’. Our knitwear sharpens your senses as it feels super soft to the touch. Our fits have been fine-tuned to support as much free movement as possible. This collection was made for your little artists to shine in. Enjoy !


That artist studio can be anywhere. Life is art ! Kids can create everywhere, so as long as you have the right clothes to keep them warm or cool, protected and comfy and able to express themselves in, you’re set !

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