Easter's here: time to get egg-cited

Put your school bag in the closet and get totally pumped up: it’s time to relax and enjoy the holidays. Do you need some cool ideas on how to spend these two weeks off ? We’re sure we can help you with these super fun activities !


Why not visit one of our flagship stores and go wild on our finger skate ramp or take a shot at beating the high score in our frog game. Who knows, your picture might even end up on the Wall of Fame ! And if you’re not sure of how you look in our newest Spring/Summer collection: in our mirror room you’ll see yourself a 1000 times ! Check out our locations here !

More so: when purchasing €250 or more in our stores, you’ll receive a cool free gift like a limited edition finger skate, made by the talented people from More Fingerboards, or an incredible handmade jewel by Marhab, straight out of the Sinai desert. Not only do we want to make you happy with a unique item, we want to highlight creative projects across the world, as well as support young local entrepreneurs. BeKind to everyone !


This might just be the best time to show what you’ve got in the kitchen. It’s Easter, after all. Try decorating homemade cookies, cupcakes or a cake with frosting, candy or chocolate. Baking is a joy, because who doesn’t like a bit of sweetness now and then ? Try out your own cheerful baking recipes and let your creativity run free. And you know what: for once, messes and splotches are allowed !

Not really hungry ? Why not bake something for someone who needs it more and make a positive impact on our world. Share the story of your own BeKindAct and become a part of our BeKindCrew ! 


The Belgian coast has some of the coolest places to visit during the holidays. Spend a day on the beach building sand castles or looking for seashells by the sea, while taking a break in one of the beach bars in Knokke-Heist. Or go take a look at the beautiful yachts in Nieuwpoort, the largest marina in Northern Europe. Not tired yet ? Then you can always take your skateboard, step or a go-kart for a ride on the promenade.


Getting creative with everyday materials and objects can be tons of fun. It’s Easter, so there are probably a lot of egg cartons, wrapping paper and crayons laying around somewhere. Use them to create your own story, your own world. Take whatever you can find and let your imagination run wild. And remember, every idea is a good idea. Sharing your art with someone you love is even better and definitely is an awesome BeKindAct !


A picnic is always a good idea when the sun is out. You can even make a whole day out of it. Make your own sandwiches, bake some delicious cookies, pour some fresh ice-teas and go look for your favorite blanket. The only thing you need to do now is head out into nature and find the perfect spot to enjoy the rest of your day. 

Is it more a “staying in kind of day” ? Put the table and chairs aside, collect some pillows and your blanket and just have a great picnic in your own home !

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