An AO76 love story: Juana & Barry


Meet JUANA, she’s fashion conscious, but still loves to go her own way. She has a strong will and embodies our creativity and perseverance.

She has a unique V-lining front and a tapered fit which makes her different and a bit more special than the rest of her kind.

She's made out of 100% high quality cotton, and you wear her high rise. She’s full length but loves to be rolled up. She comes in 2 striking colours: a fresh stunning white and a happy fashionable pink.

We call her J U A N A !


Barry is our classic underdog. He keeps a low profile, but yet always fills up the room with his perfect fit and easy appearance. He embodies our need for simplicity and quality.

He’s made out of 100% high quality cotton and his pockets and fit are inspired by suit trousers. You wear him just above the knee, but if you like you can roll him up for a more casual effect.

He’s a real Cameleon and can change in so many colours, he’s your perfect companion for every occasion.

We call him B A R R Y !


Our little duo ‘JUANA & BARRY’ make the perfect summer couple here at AO76, because they both value two important things: comfort and practicality.

They want to dance, play and act crazy together, while being comfortable at the same time. So we made two perfect bottoms, nicely fitted at the back and comfy loose at the legs. Plus they both have a practical elastic band inside that makes it easy to strap up their waist at the perfect taille.


JUANA and BARRY both love simplicity, so it’s all about the details ! Something AO76 is really famous for. While Barry likes a bit of Art work added or keeps coming back in new summer colours , Juana loves some creativity at the front.

The authentic AO76 bottons and labeling at the back have become standard by now. Smiling pockets, constume stitching. It’s there !

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