A Solid Match: Our Summer Collaboration

For our summer collaboration we choose a very special company called SOLID. They have this great and beautiful vision we, at AO76, just love and like to follow. They believe every person has a great growing potential, just like we believe all our AO76 kids have potential to create their own unique style. They help youngsters, women and families build a solid foundation for their future by giving them training and fair employment. And we are so happy to be a part of that help !


How exciting ! Under the name ‘Tales of Solid’ they recently began their own sustainable brand. So we were eager to work together. Our stylists immediately fell in love with their ‘Kantha jackets’. Indian women, like Sushmita, recycle out of local vintage sarees. A beautiful piece with a great tradition, restyled with respect for handwork.


Every single one is made by hand, unique in its stitching and patchwork colouring, so you’ll be buying fair and authentic at the same time ! Because every jacket is so unique, your choice will definitely highlight your kid’s personality and style. They’re real beauties in which they’ll definitely steal the show in !

It’s a great piece to have because it will never go out of style, and you’ll make a statement for a long time. Not only a fashionable one, but more importantly you’ll help promote a sustainable way of life by picking out your favourite one.

Each jacket is fully reversible so you can choose which side to wear that matches your mood or outfit. You can style it preppy with a matching belt or wear it casually & loose. It's up to you ! Mix and match it with our AO76 summer collection and get a unique outfit.


Have you noticed the little playful patches ? They’re a beautiful wink to the past. These sarees were given to royal workers to wear on duty, and when needed they restored them by hand. This craft tradition and respect for handwork was kept alive in every piece, which gives it extra character and uniqueness and its joyful playfulness that we at AO76 love so much. Plus every Kantha jacket holds an extra little patch of fabric to remind you of that story and keep tradition alive. How cool is that !

Have you spotted your favourite one yet ? You can admire them all and try different prints and sizes in our flagshipstores. Join the sustainable way of living !

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