3 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Fuerteventura

Millions of years ago, Fuerteventura was the first island to emerge from the Atlantic Ocean. Since then, the volcanic activity has subsided and the winds eroded the island in a gorgeous sculpture of low mountains and gentle curves. The result is a sense of tranquility that is unique and sought-after in Europe.

As part of the Canary Islands, it's known to have one of the most pleasing climates in the whole world. In fact, it's the sunshine capital of Europe. Not convinced yet? Here are 3 more reasons why Fuerteventura should be on your 2022 bucketlist !


The island is known for its strong winds and year-round waves. It’s a mecca for water skiers and surfers all around, whether they use a kite, the wind or the waves to get them going. Fuerteventura has the longest, most idyllic beaches in the Canaries and was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2009. In other words, if water sports are your thing and you like to be surrounded by insanely beautiful scenery, this is the place for you !



If you think that you can only lie in the sun, you're wrong. The volcanic island has so much more to offer besides the paradisiacal beaches. The lack of flora and fauna is what makes this place interesting. Sleeping volcanoes, fishing villages and clear blue lagoons are the ingredients for a vacation to remember at Fuerteventura.

kids fuerteventura


Kids love it here. From exploring the adventurous Popcorn Beach, to relaxing at the family-friendly Acua Water Park, to hopping on a glass-bottom boat and watching colorful fish swim below you ! You won't get bored here.

When shooting for AO76, we had local surfers and skaters join in on the fun. The kids that took part in the photoshoot all love nature and some kind of watersport. They loved wearing their super cool and comfy AO76 clothes.

There's no question that we had a great time and are already looking forward to our next visit. The real question is: have you booked your flight yet?

kids fuerte ventura


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