24h in Ghent: The Magical Fair


The fair is a magical place. It’s a free zone where everything is possible. You can fly and jump real high or get catapulted into the sky. You can listen to music that sounds like a bop, eat sugary sweets non-stop.

Like kids have their fairs, our stylists have their unique creation process where magic and fun come alive. They construct true fantasy worlds with unique artwork, set a special atmosphere by using a certain design, create dept by layering certain fabrics.


The fair is a place where emotions can run wild. It’s like a rollercoaster for a child. From being overexcited to chickening out on a ride. From having the giggles, to being exhausted from catching the lights.

The fashion industry and all its hypes can be overwhelming. Here at AO76 we have 3 important creations rules we navigate by in that world: Respect your roots, follow your own fashion sense first before following a certain hype and always stick to your corporate values.


Your senses are sharp ! Your eyes fill with sparkles when noticing the candy shop, your stomach turns when watching kids go overhead at the top. You laugh when you tumble and turn, you cry when the ride is over. You feel tough when you catch a bear or ride your very own little Range Rover.

A creation process is a bumpy ride too. It’s keeping up with the whims and fashion hypes of a crazy industry. It’s looking for new fabrics in an ocean of possibilities. It’s constantly re-evaluating the existing fits and adapting them to the newest trends. Have you noticed all our little innovations and adaptations in fits and quality yet ?


You turn up all dressed nicely, but you end up a mess. Your hair and hands are all sticky wicky and your shoes are gone from under your dress. But you wear this big smile and made some new friends, you are so happy and wish this night never ends.

The creative process is a process of letting go. You set an inspirational theme at the start, that gets altered completely towards the end. You begin drawing a complex composition, to end up with a simple pure one. You add to take away again. You start to change all over. It’s crazy like that.


You buy fast food and live on candy all night, you drink junk to spill it all over a ride. You buy jetons to win stuffed animals you don’t really need. You take rides on the bumping cars until your nose starts to bleed. You shoot at crayons and toss balls into a tiny loop, to pick from the highest lane your very own hula-hoop.

Translating an idea into a real piece, a wish into a wearable item. A concept into a collection. That’s a real challenging but rewarding process. Here at AO76 we love the ride. Exploring new fabrics, picking out new colours, testing new qualities, creating new fits,… What a way to spend a day !


You stand twenty minutes in a row for a ride that lasts five. It teaches us to have patience and never aspect the world in life. You finally catch a plastic duck for the fifth time it swum by, because it had to be the pink one without wondering why? But it’s the best time you ever had ! You connected all-in with your mom and dad, you got to meet new friends, you’d never thought you would have.

Getting inspired is a very important step in the creative process. At AO76 we look for ideas in different worlds, like the world of architecture and music, dance and Art, fauna & flora. Nature itself is our muse. Because that’s where the beauty lies. That’s what brings us to our creative essence.


You got to do things you would otherwise never dare, you experienced real happiness, without a care. So remember this time when you tug your kids in at night. Take a deep breath and stop wondering how. Remember their smiles and joyful screams, these are the best moments from your wildest dreams.

When the creative process comes to an end, a great sense of tranquillity and satisfaction descends. We all look at the board together and you can see everyone think: ‘Waw this is going to be a beautiful collection.’ And we were right ! Summer 2023 turned out GREAT ! So check out our stunning summer creations and our complete looks and get inspired yourself.


When Fairs are in town, go get a glimpse, you never know what the night brings. Dress up real cool, keep traditions alive. Keep the world authentic and let local businesses thrive.

Fairs have been here for ages, and so has AO76. From American Outfitters until AO76. We keep creating, altering, evolving, growing. We are an authentic Belgian brand that is here to stay !

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