Tropical memories at Fuerteventura


We need a holiday ! Get in the mood for your next summer vacay. In all comfort and style, together with your kids.


Daily household, crazy job, cool hobbies, little shores around the house, a rich inner circle of friends, your little rascals demanding, playtime, me-time, us-time… Life can feel overwhelming ! Even if you enjoy every aspect of it.

Every day we get up, dress our kids and make it work. Why not do so in style ?! Get creative, play with our summer collection and get filled with energy. Prepare to feel elevated and content throughout the day, because nothing is cooler than seeing your kids shine in their outfits.


Clothes protect our kids, make them feel pretty, decide their comfort level, send out a message. They reflect your kids' character and create a certain style. So sometimes it’s not easy to pick them out. Luckily, we have a lot of ways to help. Check our website for inspirational looks, watch our campaigns and read the blogs, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and view our collection in full action or visit one of our flagship stores to get personalised styling advice.


You can easily get caught up in a situation where everything you do, even fun stuff, gets encircled by a ‘to do’ to make it productive. Because time feels limited. And that’s okay. Do what needs to be done but keep enough free time to play and have fun !

We learn that at shoots. We like helping you by shooting the best combos, but in the meantime, we find it important for our models to just have a good relaxing time as well. Seeing them that at Fuerteventura, one of the gems of the Canary Islands, made our day !


Let the water wash away your stress, refresh your skin and make you energetic again. Let the cool breeze carry and move your thoughts and caress your face. Sink in the sand and get buried into it, becoming whole with the earth. Enjoy the warmth of the sun and let it enlighten your face.

We love the beach and the ocean, and our kids do too. It’s a great location to unwind and reboot. It’s the perfect gathering of the four elements. This vast plateau of water and plurality of sand just immediately appeals to the imagination and has always been a great inspiration for our stylists, especially in a summer collection. It stimulates them to create unlimited, pure and clear, lightminded and with ease.


They feel more than they think. They move more than they hesitate, they play more than they do. Our kids have always been our most precious muses. Inspiring us and questioning every decision with their childlike innocence. They model for us multiple years in a row, so we are connected, we have a bond. There’s always a conversion of inspiration.

Each shoot we see how they move in our creations, what feels comfortable and what not. We notice when they like certain prints and colour, and which ones they ignore. We hear which fabrics or artworks they adore and which ones they feel indifferent about. They are our most genuine feedback team.

Thank you little AO76 models to brighten up our sunny break at Fuerteventura. Thank you for being our inspiration source, for your honesty and playfulness. See you next season !

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