Master the art of layering

The internet is full of tips & tricks to make a perfect layered outfit. You can find rules to follow, blogs to read and influencers to copy. But actually... it’s up to you ! Like everyone has their own specific dancing rhythm, you got your own distinctive way of styling a great outfit. There’s no right or wrong. There’s only daring and not daring to be you. It’s your outfit you create in your own unique way of layering.


Our F'23 collection is full of diverse unique layer pieces to intensify your outfit. Get inspired & start mastering the art of layering !


Invented for knights to prevent neck abrasions, the turtleneck is a popular piece nowadays to layer with. It still holds the important element of warmth and protection, but also adds an extra dimension to your outfit. It’s still famous for its intellectual powerful vibe & architectural design. But can be worn playfully when added frills and striking colours like the ones in our fall / winter collection. Uplifting any outfit, it forms an essential & grateful piece in your kid’s winter closet.


Designed by French tennis champion René Lacoste as an alternative for his traditional tennis shirt adding more practicality when playing. Fastly picket up by other sports but leaving its exclusive sport context in the sixties hitting the street as refined men’s clothing. Usually made of knitted cotton, more specifically a piqué knit, referring to cotton yarn characterized by raised parallel cords or geometric designs in the fabric.

Always imbedded in our collection, winter & summer, because of its high combination level and ability to transform a plain look into a high-class one. Pimped with colourful stripes to give it a perky typical AO76 vibe.


‘What do you want to be when you grow up ?’ A common question kids love giving an answer to.  ‘A fireman, a cop, a stunt man !’ Kids love bold and tough activities. It awakens their imagination and addresses their longing for adventure & power. In the eyes of children, lumberjacks are mega cool and powerful. Their strength impresses them, their machinery brings stars in their eyes, their checkered shirts are a ‘want to wear too !’.

Every season we try to capture that sparkle by creating lumberjack styled shirts. Including these big checkered prints into your layering will bring toughness to their outfits, colour to their faces and boost their self-esteem for sure !


We’ve always been famous for our knitwear. Our stylists compose their own unique combination of different yarn materials like wool, polyester, acetate, polyamide (nylon), … You won’t find this composition anywhere else ! It results in exclusive AO76 high quality knits super soft to the touch.

Sleeveless knits are very hot right now ! You can wear them over... everything ! A printed tee, a collar shirt, a dress, … you name it ! It’s the perfect layer to bring extra personality to your look. A great signature piece ! 


These polar basics are new in our collection and essential during the cold winter days. The fleece fabric is made out of 100% high quality polyester, which means they’re colourfast, shape fast and wear-resistant !  Its striking blue colour lights up every winter outfit, ideal to create a bright & happy outfit.


A quality bodywarmer is a great piece to enhance the practicality of your wintry outfits. Made for peasants in the fields to keep their body warm, while keeping their arms free to move while working. Back then merely a functional item, now a real fashion piece giving your look extra dept, cool & flair. The layers underneath stay visible to the eye, so perfect when combined with printed sleeves or a specific design shirt.


Jackets are the most essential of all clothes. They protect you against the elements and make a fashion statement at the same time. They’re like your best winter buddy ! You’re in luck, we have a range of beauties this winter collection. Our big-checkered coats, making every outfit look fashionable. Our preppy fur jacket giving extra style & warmth and our nylon parkers which are perfect winter life-savers ! Have your pick !


Like salt added to a dish, accessories bring your outfits alive. They enhance your combination, add richness and can lift your outfit to a whole new level. Dare to make an impression with our big colour-block scarfs, fluffy teddy neck warmers or striking headgear. Layer away !


Does it still feel a bit awkward? Are you not feeling it ? Don’t know which colours suit your kids best ? Hesitating about a certain look ?’ Don’t worry ! Every artist needs inspiration to create. Luckily we are here to help !

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