FW23: Unleash your kid's inner artist


We like to take our little models to inspirational places. Showing them different worlds, like the world of music, arts or design, we at AO76 love to dwell in. Not only to see our creations intertwine, but watch our kids shine in them while exploring their own creativity and becoming little artists themselves.

For launching our Winter 2023 collection we took them to the studio of Adelheid De Witte. Her work is a continuation of Belgian surrealist tradition in a contemporary guise. Using unusual shapes and colours, she brings her own imagination to life.

Her studio was the perfect location for our new winter collection 2023, as both of our creations and colourings beautifully co-existed in the same creative space. Discover our newest girls collection and boys collection.


Kids are curious little humans. They are fierce in their actions and bold in their questions. They like to know why?, how?, what?, where? ,with who?’and so on, without feeling any shame or reluctance asking. They’re absorbing and reflecting already at an early age. When entering the studio, they were on fire wanting to know all about creating paintings and living as an artist.

The same goes when they visit our head corners for fitting out new pieces. Questions just stream out. Luckily our production & styling team is always prepared to address them with the right answers. Do you have a question for us ? Contact customercare@ao76.com, they're happy to help !


How do you know what to paint ? Do you need to prepare a lot ? What's your favourite colour ? Where do you get your brushes ?  Do you paint at night as well ? Do you sleep in your studio ? Can we drip on the floor ?

Their questions where crazy diverse and off the cuff. Adelheid answered the practical ones, but when it came down to the creation process, she let our kids discover for themselves. Because you learn by doing, you do by feeling. Somethings you can’t explain, most creations just become without a big explanation or preparation.

At AO76, every season, we try to explain where our artwork creations or yarn choses come from. But most of the time our stylists just follow their gut, a feeling or their love for a certain technique or colour. That’s how a collection truly arises.


Staring at a white clean canvas your mind starts searching its registers looking for stored inspiration or memories. Your critical voices start making up stories doubting your skills and scattering fear of incompetence. Luckily your passion and playfulness start bubbling towards the surface and your body reacts. You sigh. It’s up to you to do you. Finally !

Every season our stylists start fresh. They build on their knowledge and production experience, their natural intuition and style, their creative talents and passion for fashion. So keep scrolling to discover that passion in our new winter collection.


You don’t decide to be an artist, you were born one. You feel the need to express yourself through colour, through a certain material, through effect. It comes naturally. It’s often an exhaust flab, a way of expressing yourself.

The same goes for clothes. Kids already start at early age expressing themselves through looks. They pick out and combine in their own unique way and often have a good idea of what they like and long for. It’s an interesting process to see why a piece gets picked out and how it’s worn in a certain way.

Do you want to share your creations with us ? Send them to selma@ao76.com and watch them pop up online !


Spending the day as an artist, our kids went all in of course ! They discovered different materials, explored the surface of the canvasses, learned how colours reflect or infect their mood. The painted, they drew, they wrapped, they dripped,... Resulting in some colourful expressive creations of their own.

Same for exploring our new winter collection. We always give them a voice when presenting the outfits. They first test the fits, sense new fabrics, discover the new artworks, comment our slogans Resulting in co-creating a unique look they feel comfy and happy in it. Because only then magic on set can happen. Only then kids can be themselves and get creative.



It’s amazing to see the ease in which kids blend in when discovering new locations, new worlds. Time and time again, we are perplexed when seeing them open up to new experiences, new crafts, new adventures. Not in their natural habitat but with an untameable curiosity they always go all in.

Our stylists have that same curiosity and love to get inspired by great artists. This time the artist Piet Mondriaan, a pioneer of abstract and non-figurative art, inspired us with his geometric-abstract work, shaping our knitwear collection. The results are amazing. We are famous for our special knitwear, so prepare to fall in love again !


Like every season we have lots of new artwork prints, high quality fabrics and modified trendy fits to discover in typical AO76 style. It might be high summer now, but in fashion land winter is coming. Because we are eager to share our new creations with you, to let you dream of future winter activities, to get your prepared. Because a good preparation is half the work and results in more time to create new memories together.  Take a look and dream away !

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