The beach and the ocean have always enchanted our kids. It's the element of space that creates freedom, it's the virtue of the four elements that creates happiness, it's the atmosphere and simplicity that provokes creativity. They can play, run, ride, swim, dive, hide. They can be kids, they don't have to be more, which is why we feel it's so important to dress them comfortably for the occasion in high quality clothes.


As a brand, we also have a special connection with the beach and the ocean. It's a tremendous inspiration source to create, a huge peace source to recharge and a magnificent fun source to have a good time and feel happy.

The colour palettes and the merging of colours lead us to use our well established garment dyeing, dip dyeing and colour blocking techniques. Our multiple use of stripes is a direct reference to the ripples and currents of the ocean. 

The vastness and grandeur of space brings classic, artwork-free pieces to the collection that speak for themselves in terms of quality. The transformative nature of the ocean, its ebb and flow, brings an element of playfulness and adventure recognisable for our brand.

The atmosphere of surfers & skaters on a sunny day at the beach is a well used vibe in our summer collection. The fauna & flora you find around the beaches always comes back visually in our artworks and prints.

Discover the entire collection on the web shop or in one of our flagship stores. Have fun !

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