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When it comes to fashion, we listen to our gut. It tells us to take a step back and reminisce about our lives on this beautiful planet. For us, it’s not just about creating beautiful clothes for kids - it helps, but it’s not enough! One of our top priorities is to ensure fair, eco-friendly and well-made product lines so your kids can thrive for generations to come on a healthy planet they can be proud of. 

A healthy planet

The future we want

Sustainability runs through the veins of our unique company. We’re nothing without our beautiful planet. We tend to take all the resources available to us for granted, so it’s about time we change that. One of our key messages is to appreciate nature around you. Be kind to the planet, because it has given us so much.

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Our history

Back to the roots

AO76 is family-owned - and very proud to be! The captains of our ship are sisters Nathalie & Patricia Vandemoortele, two strong women with great talent and style. Together they uplifted the company of their father Etienne Vandemoortele to a successful brand and established value on the Belgian fashion market. On the fashion department they sure know the ropes. Patricia’s son Gaspard, recently joined them to ensure AO76’s and our planet’s future.

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