Jack Esteban's Acts


I would try to bring equality, and make hunger dissapear, that all the people help and love eachother.



Hi, This is Jacks Mom writing the message. When people speak of Jack they speak of kindness, politeness and positivity. It is for that impossible to describe only one act. Jack is an enviromental activist since he was 1,5 years old. We lived in South East Asia for awhile and one of his first sentenced was in the 7/11’s No bag please! He joined Trash Hero every week to clean the beaches of Koh Lipe and surroundings. He is also a surfer, we live near the coast, o he cleans the beaches on a weekly base,and is not afraid to friendly point family, friends but also strangers out when they accept a plastic bag or leave trash behind. He is a good friend, who will make drawings for his friends. He never ever forgets a birthday and will make that day special for that person. When a familymember is sick he will insist to check on them every day. He greets all neighbours, everybody knows Jack. But most of all, he is the best son. He brings me wild flowers, he puts notes all around the house to remind me he loves me, He will get up early to set the table. He would be a great asset to the team with his big golden heart!

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