Do you want to create cool activities together to spread love all around the world ?

Are you playful & adventurous and can you let your creativity run wild and free ?

Do you dare to speak your truth and share your ideas with us ?

Are you brave enough to use your superpowers and follow your dreams ?


It’s time to ACT !

Like you do best ! Be playful, creative, authentic and have fun !

Come up with your own ultimate BeKindAct. The goal is to make someone feel happy and loved by doing something kind. Or maybe just for the world ? Listen to that little voice inside, use your own special talents and just go for it ! Maybe nature can inspire you ? Maybe your favorite pet wants to join ? Or just maybe you find something in the basement to work with ? Think outside the box !

Need some more inspiration ?

Bake a 5 coloured cake and put it on your grandmothers doorstep with an ‘I miss you’ note !
Pimp your AO76 tote bag and send it as a gift to your best friend !
Keep nature spots in your neighborhood tidy by cleaning them up !
Write kind sentences on post-its and spread them all over the house for your parents to read !

what else ?

You’ll receive your very own authentic BeKindCrewTee, made of 100% recycled cotton ! Our AO76 T-shirt especially created for you; our newest member of our BekindCrew. Once we receive you #bekind act we will send your well-deserved goodiebag to your home so you can wear it with pride and inspire others.

As a symbol of connection and kindness we wear unique AO76 clothing, so you’ll get 5% discount on 2 purchases ! You just need to give your BeKindVoucher at the counter ! No worries... it works online too, use your own unique code!  

But that’s not all ! Maybe you want to become an AO76 model for a day, receive personal style advice for a special party, take on some of our cool challenges or help us to create new prints or shop windows ! Lots to do when you’re in a Crew !

bekindcrew ?

You know what’s so cool about that ? We’ll become one big family of friends inspiring each other in kindness while doing all sorts of fun stuff together ! During our BeKindCrewDays we’ll have time to try out new activities, go on wild adventures, support good causes, explore new cities and hotspots or just hang-out together in the sun and get to know each other !

go for it !

Upload here a picture, drawing or video of your BeKindAct and come join our BekindCrew.


We welcome you !